[Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC1

Hello everyone
Finally, more than 2 years after 0.4.7 was released, version 0.4.8 is almost ready!
But first, we release this RC to see if everything is working as expected

Some highlights in 0.4.8:

  • Removed RoRConfig: All settings can now be changed inside RoR
  • Submesh friction fix: Vehicles should no longer slide of trailers (See images below)
  • Character vs. submesh collisions: RoRBot now can walk over trailers and cars
  • Upgraded to OGRE 1.11: This should improve performance by ~10-25%
  • Revival of the classic overview map: The overview map now has its icons back
  • Teleport on map: Click anywhere on the overview map to teleport to that location
  • Transfer cases: Now you can add a transfer case on a vehicle (See https://rigsofrods.cf/vehicle-creation/fileformat-truck/#transfercase)
  • Inter-axle differentials: Now you can define inter axle differentials on a vehicle, allowing more accurate distribution of torque among the axles (See https://rigsofrods.cf/vehicle-creation/fileformat-truck/#interaxles)
  • A couple of thousand bug fixes - see full changelog

Submesh friction in 0.4.7:

Submesh friction with this test build:

Please test and report any issues you observe. If no serious flaws are found in the coming weeks, we will publish an official release.


Windows release candidate 104 MB
Version Jan 04, 2019
Linux release candidate 110 MB
Version Jan 04, 2019

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