[Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC3

Hello everyone, and welcome to round 3 of the 0.4.8 release candidates!

This build adds some new features and fixes some crashes that occurred in RC2

Changes since RC2:

  • Basic savegame functionality (with quick- & autosave)
    • One autosave slot (allows you to resume the previous session from the main menu)
    • One quicksave slot per terrain
    • Five global savegame slots (can also be used to quickly access your favourite terrain)
      • Which support automatic terrain switching
      • Whose shortcuts are also available in the main menu
    • New -resume command line argument (automatically restores the last autosave)
      • Can be combined with the -map command line argument (to restore the quicksave)
  • Added real-time top menu settings
  • Added multiplayer collision
  • Added analogue input smoothing/sensitivity settings
  • New FOV reset shortcut (Default: SHIFT+NUMPAD7)
  • Realistic forward commands (New setting that allows you to disable the 'close proximity' forward command logic. Realistic Forward commands -> you can only 'remote control' trucks which are connected in some way)
  • Added Soft reset (The new soft reset allows you to translate and rotate entire groups of actors without doing an actual reset. Default: 'EXPL+APOSTROPHE')
  • Added new pause mode(The new pause mode allows you to 'freeze/unfreeze' the physics of individual actors. Default: 'END')
  • Fixed particle issue during truck reset
  • Fixed an issue with wheels2 in multiplayer

For more changes see the other RC threads
RC1: http://forum.rigsofrods.org/threads/test-build-version-0-4-8-rc1.939/
RC2:  http://forum.rigsofrods.org/threads/test-build-version-0-4-8-rc2.999/

Multiplayer collisions in action:

Real-time top menu settings:


Windows release candidate 104 MB
Version Jan 24, 2019
Linux release candidate 110 MB
Version Jan 24, 2019

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when i launch the game, all it does is crap out & crash. it couldn't even get to the main menu.

AnY ReAsOnS WhY!?