A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Dive into soft body physics

Rigs of Rods is a sandbox-style vehicle simulator

What makes Rigs of Rods different to most simulators is its unique soft-body physics model: vehicles, machines, objects, etc. are simulated in real-time as flexible soft-body objects, giving the simulation an extremely accurate behavior which entirely depends on the physical construction of the vehicles or objects you create.

Entirely Free and Open Source

Community driven and developed, anyone can join and contribute

Important notes:


Windows release 116 MB
Version 2020.01 76 days ago
Linux release 113 MB
Version 2020.01 8 days ago
Windows release with contentpack 2 GB
Version 2020.01 76 days ago

Development log


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Hi !  Is it better to download it with itch.io? Is there any difference on the download speed?

can you help me? Ive download monster trucks and tracks from sims monsters and yet they don't go into rigs of rods. ive downloaded them correctly, but yet they wont load into ror, please help.

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Rigs Of Rods Looks Like BeamNG Drive

...because RoR is the predecessor to BeamNG.

hopefully my computer is okay with me getting this amazing predecessor to beamng. Very well made from what I've heard and seen, you guys did a great job. :D

how do u get on to rigs of rods? lol

never mind

how do you get the exe file





its cool a great


love it i insure you to download it


can u play on xbox one




why would it be on xbox the hell


Can you install things off of the internet on the xbox? can you access files on the xbox? can you extract things on the xbox? Yeah so no, no you can't.


i downloaded it and its awsome!!!

Its so cool you should download it.

its beamng drive but its older.

i havent downloaded this game yet but it looks pretty good


dust rigs of rods have the school buses in it 


rigs of rods has some school buses on https://rigsofrods.org


i am downloading this game now, is there controller support or is the keyboard the only option?


Controllers are supported, however you will have to read the documentation to learn how to configure them.

You have controller suport.

amazing game i love it!!!

how can i get this on my mac


The game does not currently support MacOS. The only way is to run the Windows version using Wine.

How do you install wine then

You should go find a tutorial. Not meaning to be rude, but just saying you should not expect much from random people on itch.

Install it using the default app installer.


mac blows man good luck running this you really should get a prper pc if you want to play games macs are not ment to play games they are for old people that only use there email and facebook


its a good game!

i have it downloaded but i cant play it. Help?

Post your issue on the support forum.


Is this 64 bit only or is there a 32 bit version because I'm running 32 bit windows 7 (currently only) so I was wondering is it playable?

You can download the installer from our home page which supports both 32-bit and 64-bit.

What eve

Can you put this on Mac?

The game does not currently support MacOS. The only way is to run the Windows version using Wine.


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now its playable ^^

love it

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I used to play the 4.7.0 version


I remember playing this


what is system reqs?

I have an fx 6300 and an 1060 6gb and i run at like 400 fps  if that answers your questio


cool, thanks! i am DEFINITELY out of this party, tho

I can run it okay on my old laptop that loves to overheat. The fps can get low at times, but 1 or 2 small vehicals works fine. Just make sure you turn down all the graphics and decrease the viewing range.